miniature zoo posters

A series of seven posters created around the Miniature Zoo project, often in groups of 50 animals each, constantly being added and updated in the store.
All posters purchased in the store come hand signed in gold pen by Christopher Nelson, completed with a miniature sticker on the poster tube. 

miniature zoo badges

Hand made badges, at my painting desk, often with a very loud meowing cat by my side.
I bought myself a lovely badge maker, found a lovely printer (that I've permanently borrowed from my brother, thanks Michael) - and now I have a wonderful selection of pin badges for you to wear wherever you wish.
Wear a blobfish to the supermarket? Get some coffee with a spider! Represent those clownfish.    


Miniature stickers of miniature zoo animals!
Available individually, as many or as little as you wish to own are available!
Also, very limited edition deluxe sticker packs with hand painted decorations can be purchased, with £2 from each one donated to the IUCN Red List charity.
Join us in donating here:
The IUCN Red List

limited edition cards


A small limited edition run of cards, probably for a special event like Christmas! 
Only ever going to be 50 of each, hand numbered by myself!
50% of the profits will also be donated to a local animal rescue shelter, you know, in the spirit of giving and kindness and bits and bobs.