charity projects

My number one goal with the Miniature Zoo and my artwork is to be able to give back somehow to the world that inspires me most.
Featured on this page are original paintings, prints, buttons & more  for sale with portions of profits going to charities I've loved and supported from the very beginning.
Alongside these, there's links to all the charities we've managed to support or donate to over time, with links if you wish to donate yourself.


charity originals

Here are a selection of one off original paintings, prints and any other artwork I've done that donates some or all of the money to charity!
I tend to be too sentimental towards original paintings and avoid selling them, but if it's for a great cause, it's going to a good home.


Some of the most amazing people in the world, doing incredible things for incredible causes.
Here are some of my favourites I've been lucky enough to support with some of my work, hopefully I'll be able to update it regularly!