Christopher Nelson was born in Penrith, UK in 1992 - and after many years of drawing cartoons and hand-making comic books for friends, he eventually tied together his passion for biology and the animal kingdom with watercolour paints.
After years of not knowing what to do in life, his friend Rebecca bought him a small book to do a 'quick sketch' every day for a year for his birthday. He failed at keeping it up.
However this short-lived project was the inspiration and major driving force for The Miniature Zoo, beginning on January 1st, 2017.

Christopher currently resides in The Lake District with his pet calico cat Calliope, where they are both avid fans of non-fiction books on science, history & etymology, listening to heavy metal, playing drums and watching David Attenborough documentaries.

"The goal for The Miniature Zoo is to inform people about the many wonderful creatures that inhabit the planet alongside us, hopefully bringing attention to those most in danger of extinction and the effect from human beings.
Eventually I hope to be able to use sales from this project to donate towards charities and conservation projects, such as local animal rescues, ocean conservation projects & the IUCN Red List for critically endangered animals to help in any way towards life on Earth."

- Christopher Nelson

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Many thanks,
Christopher, The Miniature Zoo.

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